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General Information - Learn How to Be a Better SEX Partner

What you are about to learn in the next few minutes will change your life. Men, and women too - every aspect of your life will be enhanced - you are about to learn a sex technique which will provide you with a rewarding and fulfilling sex life.

Are you or your partner challenged by any of the following conditions:

  • Erectile Dysfunction - ED
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Impotency
  • Incomplete or inadequate erections
  • Deteriorating sexual function (erections) due to:
    1. Age
    2. Medical Condition
    3. Medication
    4. Life Style

If you are, the Performance Technique can reduce or eliminate the adverse affects these conditions are having on your sexual relations.

Would you like to hear or say?

"That was the best sex I ever had!"

"You are a great lover."

 Would you like to be known as a great lover?

Men, your performance in bed will be significantly improved with the Performance Technique - you will be a different person. Your confidence and self esteem will be higher, your friends and your business associates will wonder what happened to you. The only person who won’t wonder will be your lover, she will know and she will be loving it.

Would you like to have a solid, rock hard erection whenever you want, for as long as you want? Even between your orgasms. That’s right, I’ll bet you didn’t know that men can have multiple organisms just like women. The second one is always better than the first.

A word of caution for the ladies, if you don’t want to significantly improve your sexual relationships with the men in your life, don’t bother reading further.

Women -

  • Would you like to have a lover who is so good in bed you can’t resist bragging about him to your friends.
  • Is that special man in your life great in a lot of ways except in bed?
  • Do you worry about getting involved with a great guy only to find out he’s a dud in bed?

With the Performance Technique you can have that special guy and have a great sex life with him. Now you can put that man’s wonderful qualities to work for you in the bedroom.

Ladies, would you like your lover to be able to achieve an erection almost instantly, and keep it until you are completely satisfied? Have you ever made love to a man who keeps right on going orgasm after orgasm? Now you can every day!

As unbelievable as it may seem, these goals are easily achieved with the Performance Technique.

When a man has the confidence that he can always put on a great sexual performance, he will be a great lover. He will stop worrying about himself and start concentrating on pleasing the women.

Eliminate the Excuses!

It doesn’t matter if the man has eaten too much, drank too much, is tired or stressed out, has a medical condition or is on medication, short on sleep, or even if you’ve made love several times already. Ladies, with the Performance Technique all those excuses go away: the only excuse left is “I don’t want to.”

And ladies, once he finds out how great a lover he really can be, you won’t hear any excuses, instead, he’ll want to make love all the time. (I hope your up to the challenge).

It takes just a few minutes for any man to learn the Performance Technique. A man's sexual performance will be dramatically improved the first day. After a week or two of use, he will have exceeded your wildest sexual fantasies. Even the guys who are macho and think they know-it-all will be grateful to any women who teaches him the Performance Technique.


The Performance Technique is not a gimmick or trick! I realize it sounds unbelievable. But, let me give you a little history on the technique.

I first thought of the idea for the Performance Technique a few years ago while listening to a world renowned sex expert talk about male sexual dysfunctional problems. Variations of the Performance Technique are known among the “experts” on sex and sex related problems, but none of them seem to have figured out how effective it can be.

It works great for me! I use it every time I have sex - which is usually several times a week and sometimes several times a day.

I have decided to make the world a better place by sharing it with you.


I am a married (now) businessman over the age of 60 who raised three daughter and maked one very special lady very happy.

Sally and I started dating a few year ago. It is difficult to describe Sally’s sexual appetite without being disrespectful, but I will try.

Sally is best described as “one hot red head”. It took me months to convince Sally to date me. She told me, in her words, “You can’t handle me!.” It was clear she meant in the bedroom. I take great pleasure in reminding her of that ill-conceived comment, when Sally is saying “uncle” during our lovemaking sessions.

When Sally crawled from her car to her desk at the office on Monday morning and collapses in her chair with a big smile on her face it’s obvious to her co-workers she spent the weekend with me.

If it wasn't for the Performance Technique Sally and I would have been history long ago.

One Last Point

No man should be without the confidence and sexual prowess of the Performance Technique.

No matter how good or maybe-not-so good a man is - 

The Performance Technique will make him a significantly better lover.


With the help of Sally, I have developed and enjoy the Performance Technique. It was a lot of work but someone had to do it. Now I have written a Users Manual documenting it for you. The manual provide explicit details on how to dramatically improve male sexual performance. It is intended for mature, sexually active, adults.

I have taken charge of my sex life. I know I will always be a great lover.

You can take charge of your sex life today!